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Adele Landauer is an international expert on success, achievement and self-leadership. She is a popular keynote speaker, author and an extremely effective business and personal coach.

Adele uses her acting techniques, such as body language, facial expressions, voice/breath to teach her clients how to bring their message across in an interesting and effective way. This method is called ManageActing®. She works with companies and teams of all sizes, as well as individuals in personal coachings to help improve productivity and results.

Don't worry! You also can learn charisma!

You possessed it as a child. Yet somewhere along the line, you have lost your inherent power to shine. You’ve been dulled by self-doubt and second-guessing. But here comes some good news: Just as you have learned to doubt yourself and your instincts, you can learn how to be that natural and charismatic person you are hiding deep down. You can unlearn the tendencies that have taken the luster out of how you present yourself and act in front of others.

As a success coach to prominent business leaders, politicians and major sports teams, Adele has earned an impeccable reputation as someone who “gets results“.

Adele provides individual customized training concepts in all areas of life and business. She brings vast knowledge and experience about overcoming barriers, presenting a persuasive image, having the right image and speaking confidently. You will have guaranteed results in increasing your charisma, highten your level of presence and be an outstanding business leader.


Adele is a well known international speaker who rocks the stage and mesmerises audiences everywhere. She focuses on how you too can learn charisma and teaches simple steps by using body posture work and voice exercises. You learn how to be present – whether in a room of 5000 people or in a one-on-one interview, you will become a confident owner of charisma and spark. Her topics are:

  1. “Yes! You Too Can Learn Charisma – How to be self – confident and persuasive in any situation.
  2. “Tear Down Your Walls and Become Free to Achieve Anything – Inspired by the Fall of the Berlin Wall”

In this speech you will learn six steps to tearing down your walls and living your life with happiness, balance and success!


During her private or small group coaching, Adele works with every participant individually in order to unleash their fullest potential. All clients leave with a better understanding of themselves and are given the tools to convince any audience in any situation! Click here to get yours!


Similar to her her coachings, Adele’s workshops are concise in time and concentrate on the important practice of using voice and body language to wow your audience. Click here to sign up!


Trainings are the ultimate test for your new knowledge of the tools Adele provides. Book her here to start! Your company’s employees will reach new heights after working with Adele, as she improves the individual’s self esteem and overall team bonding as well as leadership skills.

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Why Adele

  1. Adele’s main goal in life is to engage, motivate and inspire everyone to face up and accept their personal contradictions and create a change so that everyone can live his or her life with balance, happiness and success.
  2. She is passionate and professional about her “life-task”, and she always delivers her message in an emotional and motivating way.
  3. As a successful actress Adele knows what an audience wants – emotional inspiration and entertainment.
  4. As a much sought-after keynote speaker, Adele understands what an audience needs – intellectual inspiration and entertainment.
  5. Adele’s method guarantees that every audience will light up their highest potential.
  6. Adele’s presentations constantly inspire, motivate and entertain every audience.
  7. With Adele’s professional, direct perspective and her womanly, empathic radiance, she delivers her messages clearly, passionately, and touchingly.
  8. Adele understands that audiences appreciate interesting and engaging content – but also inspires people to take action on their insights.
  9. Adele is a successful businesswoman. She practices the message she delivers, a message which comes directly from her real life.
  10. Adele guarantees that after her speech everyone feels emotionally touched, intellectually stimulated and valued by their company.

For more than 20 years, Adele has been helping people from across Europe & around the world to improve their lives and dreams. Now let Adele help you.


“Adele is a magnificent speaker. She speaks from her heart, she communicates her powerful message in a very profound way. What is more important, after listening to her, the audience will never be the same.”

Dr. Joachim de Posada, International speaker and author of the world wide best seller, Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet: The secret to sweet success in work and in life

Adele and W Mitchell, IFFPS President

Adele and W Mitchell, IFFPS President

Adele and Scott Friedman, Past President National Speakers Association

Adele and Scott Friedman, Past President National Speakers Association

Adele and Sam Silverstein, 2008-2009 President National Speakers Association

Adele and Sam Silverstein, 2008-2009 President National Speakers Association

Adele and Lenora Billings-Harris, Past President National Speakers Association

Adele and Lenora Billings-Harris, Past President National Speakers Association

    “As a seasoned and avid observer of presentation skills, Adele Landauer ranks in my book as the most gifted, relevant and inspirational speaker i have witnessed in the last decade!”

    Neil McLaggan, Past Council Chairman,Lions Clubs International,Southern Africa

    “I have heard millions of speaker but this speech touched me. I seldom saw such a great stage presence. I have listened to a woman who has learned to climb over walls. And she will help you tear down your own walls.”

    W. Mitchell, Keynote Speaker and IFFPS President 2008-2009

    “With her concept “Light Up Your Potential“, Adele Landauer has provided an innovative international marketing achievement as a keynote speaker in an outstanding and exemplary fashion.”

    Lothar Seiwert, PhD, HoF, Keynote Speaker, Heidelberg/Germany, www.seiwert.de, designated GSA President 2009-2010

    “Adele Landauer is one of the best keynote speakers we’ve ever booked. She inspired our audience by using humor, interesting stories, her amazing presence and with personal charm.”

    Lothar Walter, BMW, Berlin

    “Adele Landauer is an absolutely fantastic keynote speaker. With her inspiring and stirring speech, she was an immediate and lasting success. The audience was enthusiastic, and they still talk to this very day about her interesting topics and approaches. With a large presence and great authenticity, she is very reliable and simultaneously entertaining.”

    Michael Sandvoss, Head of Luxury & Lifestyle, Media Impact

    Adele and Dan Poynter, Author, Publisher, Speaker

    Adele and Dan Poynter, Author, Publisher, Speaker

    Adele and Dr. Janelle Barlow

    Adele and Dr. Janelle Barlow

    Adele and Joe Sherren, President IFFPS 2007/08 President CAPS – 2005/06

    Adele and Joe Sherren, President IFFPS 2007/08 President CAPS – 2005/06

    Adele and Kristin Arnold, 2010-2011 President National Speakers Association

    Adele and Kristin Arnold, 2010-2011 President National Speakers Association

      “Adele Landauer intrigues everyone with her charisma and presence. She also speaks as one human to another. With her expertise, she is able to light up the full potential of everyone. Adele combines your rational and your emotional sides – and the result makes you an integrated and balanced personality.”

      Elke Eller, Board of Management, VW Financial Services

      “Adele’s charismatic personality captivates her audience. Her message is both inspiring and motivating.”

      Dr. Günter von Au, CEO, Edgar Binnemann, CFO, Sud-Chemie

      Live Your Life with Balance, Happines and Success!


      Click here to order Adele’s books which will give you an insight into Adele’s life, teach you the tools to ace your next business presentation or  job interview and leave you with a heightened self esteem and self worth!